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Monowheeled monsta!

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Well, I've been playing necromunda for some time using these ork rules:

And one of my orks got a gyro stabilized monowheel from dok. I'm somewhat happy with the conversion so I thought I'd post it here:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

C&C Welcome! :cheers
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Saint Snick

Saint Snick

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me needs to make a machine dat makes walkin'....FASTAAA! aside, i really like it. good use of warbiker parts!

b0und in3rtia

b0und in3rtia

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not to be too critical but you need a better transition, cause your cybork looks liek you just stuck a torso ontop of the wheel assembly.
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Bound Inertia and Saint Snick, this post is over a year old. That's threadnomancy. If you have a comment to make about the build, save resurrecting it for no reason and PM the Original Poster.