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Gazkull Thraka

Gazkull Thraka


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  • Army Name:Badrukkz boyz
i have been playn soulstorm as a leader of a group for ages and everyone seemes to respect that but i need WAAAGH!!! ideas cause i play QS a lot and Beakies storm me so easily not to mention God damn panzee and imperial gaurdsman any sugestions
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Magus Gar Kan

Magus Gar Kan


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Sadly this kind of setup favors the panzee rush. You are at a disadvantage in that you have to build a crap load of buildings to get your squad size up. So the following are just general suggestions: Build Waaaghbanners and lots of em. Build up a couple of big mobs of slugga's and rush early.
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You really need to set up lots of waaagh turrets and set them up with rockit launchers if want to defend more easily
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