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Best CAS Ever Inflicted by a Goblin

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Mad Trukka

Mad Trukka


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Nah. hes fine now. Minus one now pink sports sock. Hes got quite a few scabs tho.
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Captain Chaos

Captain Chaos


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In one league that I played in I had a team of 3 killa halfling's running round blocking players down and then kicking them in da nutz (foul)!!!! A very sensible elf coach lost his very expensive and experienced thrower to the halfling killaz!!!!!!
Well known to his friends and club members as having the worst luck EVER....

Amazing the number of "1"'s I roll...Damn dice gods!!!



    Puffball Fungus

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Playing with my Gobbo's in a league once I had my fanatic win a game for me. He was kicking off so had to set up first, so set up his line of Choas warriors I think it was on the kick off line. It came to my turn to set up, Fanatic went in the centre with a couple of other goblins spaced out around him the rest ready to get the ball and Run madly towards the touchdown zone swamping anyone they met on the way. My Turn came, fanatic went first, very luckily his random movement sent him careening through three of the chaos warriors, sending them all to the dead and injured box. This lack of muscle for the rest of the game allowed my goblins to get the better of him :thumbs When we tested for their injuries at the end of the game... we found that the three chaos warriors had passed away and another beastmen had been kicked to death by fouling goblins later in the game. Long story short, the chaos team were retired from the league shortly afterwards.



    Throws the bomb, not the pin.

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Carved up over a dozen of the finest skilled elf dancers, catchers, and witch elves over my career with my chainsaw toting Gobbo. VROOOOOM and all your skills mean nothing.

Mr Squiggee

Mr Squiggee


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Apologies for this not being about Gobbos, because while I do have a skwad - the Greenskin Bay Hakkuz (or GBH) - I tend to play more with a less gunned up/ less ott cheezy team :lol . So this tale is about my 'pure' (read: no Treemen) Halfling team: MUNCHIESTAR UNITED (aka The Fed Devils).

I was playing in a tournament a couple of years ago and travelling quite nicely heading in to Game 4 when I drew a Humie team played by a bloke about half my age, and featuring both Griff & Zug. When the draw for the round was announced, this kid proclaimed in a really loud voice: "Halflings? I've never lost to Halflings!!!"

I'll spare you the drawn out story, but at the end of the game I had won 4-0, and won the casualty count 5-0. I didn't foul at all, and the nicest casualty was The (Once) Mighty Zug who died attempting an open field blitz on a solitary 'fling (triple skullz, then box cars - my chef had nicked his rerolls).

At the end of our game (and I wish I could paint an accurate picture of just how sick the kid was looking by then), a bloke playing next to us turned to him and said: "Look at the bright side - you haven't been beaten by Halflings. You've been slaughtered by them!"

(For the record, my lads won 4, lost 3 - all by a TD, and drew 1 over that long weekend.)



    Speckled Bloodshade Fungus

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I've had my troll, "Flint Grotchukka", toss gobbos at enemy players. Green deff from the sky and all, and how else do you have a chance to hurt someone who's half the board away? Best one, in a sad case of Greenskin-on-Greenskin violence :biggrin , was a disturbingly accurate shot that dropped Splatta the goblin right on top of a Black Orc. Armour and injury rolls later, Splatta gets up fine next turn to later catch the ball and run in a touchdown, while the Black Orc is carted off to the Dead box. Of course, it's not like Splatta was anything special as a goblin - he'd earned his name the hard way, going head first into the ground a few too many times.