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Assault on Black Reach Painting Contest

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224 replies to this topic

Poll: Participation (140 member(s) have cast votes)

I am going to....

  1. Enter a Nob at the-waaagh. (67 votes [47.86%])

    Percentage of vote: 47.86%

  2. Enter a termie at the B&C (15 votes [10.71%])

    Percentage of vote: 10.71%

  3. sit on my ass and not participate in the contest. (58 votes [41.43%])

    Percentage of vote: 41.43%


Harkon Greywolf

Harkon Greywolf

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Thanks for the reply Kurgan. I went over to B&C and tried to log in, trouible is it's been so long I can't even remember who I logged in as or what e-mail I used. I gave up after a couple of tries! :( D'oh! I won't sign up for a new account as I won't have time to do the site justice, guess I'll just have to wait. Ho Hum! ;) Oh, and I also spent a long while going through the Termies before voting. But my decision was easy as I'd just been reading TSOALR again! :D There are some wonderful paint jobs on both Termies and Nobz. The one thing I would say (if I haven't said it already) is that many of the Orks are just too bright and clean for me. No self-respectin' Ork Nob is going to have clean wargear and clothing let alone clean and clear skin tones! :scowl I stick to the older and bigger means darker scenario, meaning as they get tougher and bulkier the Orks get darker tending towards "Black Ork" status. Hence Nobs will be darker than boys and boys will be darker than Grots etc. I agree that brighter and cleaner paint jobs stand out more for a compy like this, but they just don't look right to me. Never mind. HG

Mad Grot Docsnik

Mad Grot Docsnik

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I finally got 'round to casting my vote on the Termies. It shook out to four entries in a hurry and then picking one of those came down to an eeny-meeny between two of 'em. It came down to -- I really couldn't see a difference in paint quality on those two so it came down to: I like this one better. I really think I'd have a harder time picking an Ork (good thing I don't have an id at the B&C ;) ).
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I wanted to, but didn't enter this competition (the best laid plans etc.). Can I just say that I'm really impressed with the quality of the Ork entries. I don't want to sound parochial, or like I'm scoring points off our beakie brethren - there were many quality Termie models, and it was hard to choose the best - but for a less popular army, and (as I understand it) a smaller forum, we put up a very strong showing. Great work, everyone. With the Termies, it came down to 3, and I saved their photos so I could compare them. I eventually went for the one that was the most naturally posed, with some understated freehand and very nice weathering. I actually discounted a couple which had quite prominent additions to their bases because I felt the basing detracted from the model.

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They were all good, but I also had a very quick to chose "short list" and thena longer chose for a "short-er list" before a final "really short list". Choosing a final winner came down to what I liked personally.

Cheerz to Thork for the Great Avvy.
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    Syringe Squig

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They were all good, but I also had a very quick to chose "short list" and thena longer chose for a "short-er list" before a final "really short list". Choosing a final winner came down to what I liked personally.

Yeah, that's more or less how it went for me. I really enjoyed seeing all of the designs and painting, though. It kind of inspired me to try painting up some 'umies - just for fun, ya know!