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AI epic birdz vs. 40K Epic birdz

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Can anyone tell me how the 40K epic ork planes compare in size to the forge world models. Forge world says their planes are epic size and work with the epic game system but from pics they look like they are much larger. Does anyone know? I am wondering if they 40k epic models are big enough to use in AI. They are much cheaper and I found a Bommerz Over Da Sulpha River box I could buy. I would like to use those.



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As I eluded to in the other thread, you could probably do this... but you'd still need to get the AI specialized bases...
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Rakka Dakka

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the AI ork planes are bigger and more detailed and you get the special AI bases with them so its not that bad of a deal.
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But there's nothing wrong with rebasing epic flyers on ai bases...