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Deff Sqwadron V Imperial Navy

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  • Grotz
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Hi Boyz, Got me a prob wiv dem oomies. I have played a couple of games of AI against imperial navy. Only small games as thats all we've got models for atm. I had 2 fightas and 2 fighta-bommers all with missile load outs. He had 4 lightnings but only 3 weapon load outs due to cost. They all had some sort of long range missile loadout, i forget the name. My problem is that with the loadouts he has he can cause damge quite easily to my planes (i forget the exact roll needed) and can then cause additional damage on a roll 5 or 6 (or it might be just 6, again i forget). Basically what happens is that as soon as there a reasonable distance between us he fires off these missiles and usually takes down at least 2 planes wtih ease. (remembering they have 2 hits each). What im after is some advice on how to combat this problem, anything would be of help. Before you say keep close to him, he has very high manouverability with his lightnings so its not always possible. Thanks Mavorik

Warboss Headbiter

Warboss Headbiter

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  • Grotz
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Try staying at an altitude where he cannot shoot at you. A steep climb or dive will do the job. Then get in close. The missiles cannot fire at close range. :thumbs