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Rokkit Launcha 101!

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    Slugga Boy

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Ahoi again!

i was asked to do a tutorial for my rokkit launchaz... ( never expected this ... )
here it is...

first step: stuff you need....

- PlasticRod: 1mm( rivits and trigger) and 2mm (PR)
- Plastic tube: 3mm ( best would be with a 2mm hole) (PT)
- PlasticCard: 1mm ( gunshield, ramp, hand protection,...), 0,5 mm not shown ( band around the energy thingy) (PC)
- Guitar string
- package-band or something with structure... ( i used a metal structured one....)
- Sprue ( the fat one between two regular sprues...)
- the ork Axe Arm
- Ammo ( rokkit from ┬┤umie tankbitz work proppa) i choose a sharpened 5mm Plasticrod wit some accessoires
Posted Image

second step: cutting in right size....

1st. row:
- PT about 1,5mm ( a bit squeezed)
- backplate about 8x 1,1mm (package band,....)
- Frontplate 9x1,3mm (PC 1mm)
- spikes cut from 1mm PC
- 1,5- 2mm length of the 2mm PR
- stripe of 1mm PC about 2mm wide (length will be fixed by the ammo type.... )
- ammo

2nd. row:
- PT: 1,5mm, 5mm
- rivit from the axe
- dice from sprue ( just cut a bit 2,5x2,51x1,5)
- PR 1mm: about 4mm (trigger)
- hand protection: use the 1mm PC, cut about 1 cm and band after 3-4mm
- PC 1mm: 2x5mm (thingy on the top)
- 2x PC 1mm: 1,5x3mm (grey in picture)
- handle: 2mm PR about 2,4cm lenght and bend after 1,8cm

3rd. row:
- ring thing from the axe
- 2 pieces of the large Sprue about 1cm
- squeezed PT about 1-1,5mm
- Band of 0,5mm PC 1,5mm wide
Posted Image

third step: bring things together....

1st. row:
- backplate+ frontplate,
- add the spikes on the frontplate
- bend the stripe and cut it fitting to your ammo

2nd. row:
- slip over the 5mm piece of the tube till the bended place ( over the handle)
- slip over 1,5mm piece (end of the handle)
- glue the rivit with the 2x5mm thingy

3rd. row:
- glue the two sprue parts and cut it regular
Posted Image

fourth+ fifth step: get the form....

i think picture explains what to do.... just glue!
Posted Image

sixth, seventh and eighth step: time to finish....

- glue three parts
- add rivits ( cut from 1mm PR)
- add Guitar string
- DONE :cheers
Posted Image

and it should look like this on a Mini....
Posted Image

Hope you enjoyed....

C&C welcome,

Greetz :cheers

Da Mek

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    'Ead Graft

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Oh, book marked, I think this will actually come in handy to those who are less experienced in making things, not converting, nearly anyone can do that, just actually making things from near scratch, thanks. Keg
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    Steel Teef

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nicely writen tutorial that looks better than the new one iam going to have a try at this later, gonna make some rocket launchers for all my tankbusters who just have stikkbombs and tankbombs cheers
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Andrew the Eternal

Andrew the Eternal

    Dreadnought Pilot

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Wow. I honestly think that is the most detailed tutorial I have ever seen on the WAAAGH! I need plasticard now!
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    Puffball Fungus

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SWEEET!! Those look awesome. i think ill try and use them for my KanZ. Thank you for the great guide :cheers :thumbs

stompy mek boy

stompy mek boy


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have some tef mate this is a zoging good tutorial



    Explosive Kranium

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Thanks. This is an excellent tutorial. :thumbs




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Very nice tutorial. This should be stickied!




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Book marked, although, I never really liked the old 'uns, I guess they would be good on some kommando orks though, Kinda reminds me of rpgs. I prefer the ol' bazo000oka styley Shade
Of course all my topics are pic heavy, you know why? because people don't want to open 12 hyperlinks a page! it stands to reason

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- Shadow.



    Explosive Kranium

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Thanks, Narziss, for this tutorial. It should make building the new tankbusta squads much easier!

Sukz Da' Nob

Sukz Da' Nob

    Steel Teef

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Great thread! The final product is uber-cool. I plan to do a unit of tankbustas and the nob just might need to get one of your launchas. Thanks.
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I like the idea of it being under construction. "...and now witness the power of this fully armed and operational... STOMPA!"



    Rutted Gob Busta

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Top notch--my own rokkit conversions are looking a bit plain now. But thanks to you, I also now have some ideas of how to go back and add some good looking gubbinz. Thank you for the 101!
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This is very nice. If it's not in the 101, it should be,
Step 1: Collect orks
Step 2: ...
Step 3: Waaaaaaaaagh!

Nargred Uz Frothel the Grand

Nargred Uz Frothel the Grand

    telescoping arm

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This is very nice. If it's not in the 101, it should be,

I've just added a link to this in the 101 pinned thread.
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Now if only the big shoota was rending...... :lol

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    Tatter Stompin

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That a good lookin new school rokkit :thumbs . Excelent 101 as well :cheers .
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Bookmarked. Many thanks for a great tutorial, consider it looted :)
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