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[WIP] My Stompa, Classic & Mekboy version

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Sorry if this is a bit of a dumbass question, but how did you do that amazing weathering effect on da plates? Awesome build, looking forward to seeing it painted. Only problem is, all my projects seem somewhat.......well, crap compared to this :(
Stomp! Stomp!!! STOMP!!!

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Thank you all guys for your comments. Even it's looking good rigth now, the end of a project with such a size is always the hardest part. You get borried of it and want to begin another project. I'm resisting really hard to not begin nexts projects until this one is done! I'm going to buy the new ork spear head and I know I have to finish that stompa before buy this box :blush Else I will postpone my Stompa again and again. I have to finish it.

@Valandras : weathering is done with Modelling Files. I use both handy and Dremel tool. I use the handy one for border and corner, and Dremel for inside surface, where you cannot reach such an angle with a handy Modelling Files. See this exemple for Dremel use:

Posted Image

@4tonmantis : Thank you. Yeah it still needs more works and I've got another deadline in 15 days to finish the construction. I come back to France for Christmas and I must bring it back home totaly done. My Stompa is going to fly! :biggrin

Here are the remaining "to do's" sort by priority:
  • The back needs pipes, platform, exausts and an opened engine.
  • The left front side needs sufaces details.
  • The gatling engine behind the weapon.
  • A shoulder turret with single heavy shoota.
  • A single rear heavy shoota.
Finally, If we consider this deadline, it took me 2 months to built this Stompa with almost all my free time on it. Something like 100-120 hours of work.
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Cyroul, sir, please PLEASE aplyfor a job at GW! that is the best model i have ever seen in my life. when the stompa is completly done i will most likely crap my pants.



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My god, your stuff amazes and inspres me every time. That is one of (if not the most) proppa looking stompas I have seen, and that lifta-droppa arm is simply awesome.
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