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Let's Play Pretend

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First off, Way to go on getting your stompas in a WD! I love the smokestacks. You can almost see the black clouds of polutants pouring out of them. I've never been too keen on the skirt look though. I'd prefer to see no skirts or at least shorter ones. The legs need to be a little longer and more prominent. They are Stompas after all, they should look like they could stomp something. Right now they look like they could only shuffle over a tank. I agree with varying the size of the plates. While well done, they look too uniform for an Ork build. And bigger guns on more dynamic arms would help a bit as well. More gubbins. Ladders, scafolding, hatches, etc. Nice job on the paint BTW. :thumbs :nono No! No nipple gunz! EVER!!! :nono
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:nono No! No nipple gunz! EVER!!! :nono

Once I post my gargant WIP pics you will recant that. ;) But that is another thread for another time.

NTMBK I think that it is great that you have graced the pages of WD!

I think that generally speaking I would echo the sage words of both Nightserpent and Oddballz.
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What did you base them off? Got any WIP Pics :) Overall, nice work. The overall feeling i agree with, they lack the detail i would expect on a stompa/gargant, and the plating is a little too similar in areas.



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What did you base them off? Got any WIP Pics :)

I say at least a part of the right Stompa is based off of the Epicast Stompa.
Check the part just under it's head, and then look @ this pic then check how his right arm is attached to the body ;)

Aanyways, on to the comments about the Stompas.
For me they look as if they'd be loosing parts for every step they take. All those rather loose plates make for one rickety-looking construction, and dunno why, but he reminds me of that robot from the Once upon a time ... life animated series.
Roight, any questions?
Too bad!
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