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The nemesis crown gangs.

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  • Boyz
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I see they added the black orc gang. Granted these are in the article section on the site so probably not fully offical, still it's nice to see another version of the boyz usable.




  • Grotz
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I looked over the Dwarf Rangers list, seems pretty solid as a force but I don't think its quite right. I disagree with limiting the Crossbowmen to 5, though i cans ee why this might be, as a balancing issue, though the shadow elves all ahve access to bows, and they can move AND shoot. I also don't think the flavour is right with the Runepriests, though this fits the scenairio, from what I've read of the stunties the Runepriests are as set in their ways as they come, whereas Rangers are seen by the rest of dwarf society as 'weird', they explain it in the list blurb but I don't buy it. Lastly, though it sorta connects witht he first problem, I think the non-crossbowmen should ahve access to more than pistols as a ranged weapon, throwing axes would fit better and make sense seeign as they're an option for ranger's in the fantasy army list. Though the Black Orcs did look pretty awesome, could Be fun to throw a warband together over christmas (8 weeks need to be filled somehow :biggrin )