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(Former WIP/PIP) now Done Stompa

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Mad Grot Docsnik

Mad Grot Docsnik

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Brilliant. What more is there to say? This thing has tons of character and you should be very proud of how it came out. All the way from the first bit of plastic to the last lick of paint. Excellent work. Job's most definitely a gud'n. :thumbs
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One of the best Stompaz Ive ever seen. :thumbs
Its not only a kool design but it dynamic pose realy captures the feeling of stompiness ;)
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    Steel Hornz

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Totgeboren, 'Tis a thing of beauty. Bravo! *applause*
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Penelope the Wonder Pony

Penelope the Wonder Pony

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It's a masterpiece, seriously. Shows how the "fat lady in a mumu" style Stompa can really work. :thumbs



    He who was Snord

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The repainted base makes a big difference - which just shows how important a base is to a model (even a big one like this). Great model - off to the Trophy Rack with it, where it will be displayed for longer than it would in the Mek's Garage. And it was also agreed that it's worthy of the Klassiks thread, so it will be included there as well. :cheers

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    Steel Hornz

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Thanks alot guys! In all seriousness I couldn't have done it without all your feedback and help (and just plain old praise). This forum really brings out the best in us. :cheers
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Ashnak of da Bigga Stik Krew

Ashnak of da Bigga Stik Krew


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This stompa is made of awesome and covered in win. The detail and execution are great and the paint lives up to the construction. I love the small things you remembered, like the red zone for the gauges. Brilliant on all levels.
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you set a high level to all of us who will try to follow.
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    Tatter Stompin

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Gud ta see this monsta finaly get finished. And it was well worth the wait. This is proppa :thumbs .
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:thumbs finally finished! (so now it's up in the oilaz...i searched some time ago and couldn't find him...) good job, really proppa!!

modelling: my completely completed stuff

gaming: 1850 mech blood axes list updated

fluff: what being blood axes is all about
looting other races: tautechmarines (other site thread)

Uber Waaagh

Uber Waaagh

    Speckled Bloodshade Fungus

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Love the Spikes on the feet (very Orky) and the way it stands up terrifies me to the core. You must have worked hard try to make it balance and those shootas on the main body are a great little touch. Well done

Warrgh Bozz Mikki Kaine

Warrgh Bozz Mikki Kaine


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one of the best looking stompas ive seen
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