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1500pts Codex tournament list

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Boss Ardnutz

Boss Ardnutz

    Steel Hornz

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  • Location:Canberra, Australia
  • Army Name:da Maniakz
Just got back from a two day tournament down here in freezing cold Canberra. The missus and I took our greenskins along, expecting to win some, lose some and draw some and just have a good time. As it turned out we did a bit better than that, winning five out of the six games and coming in 3rd place for battle points!

The list is designed around a freebooter theme, so each mob has its own colours and klan affiliation. The nobz get a bigger cut of the loot after each job, so they tend to be better equipped than usual - more upgrades than are usually a good idea.

Ardnutz Villun Mob

Warboss Ardnutz Grimvillun - ex Bad Moonz and boss of the Villun Mob.
Mega armour, cybork body, mega boostas

Da Badgutz
Painboss Studshuvva da Manik - choppa, power klaw, eavy armour, frags
8 Cyborks
Trukk - rokkit, grot riggaz

Da Grubdiggaz
Slaver Runtstompa - rokkit, Squighound Grotgob
18 Gretchin

Da Zodgitz - ex Deathskullz who bring with them the lucky bloo colour
Nob Skumdregga - rokkit, power klaw, bionik arm, big horns, eavy armour
2 ammo runts
18 Slugga boyz - 3 with rokkitz

Da Badnaz Krumpaz - more ex Bad Moonz, hence the love of strong dakka
Nob Skrapslug - big shoota, power klaw, bionik arm, big horns, bosspole, eavy armour
18 slugga boyz - 3 with big shootaz

Da Dakkagitz - ex Blud Axez, so they are used to operating in a small mob without a nob, and up the front
10 shoota boyz - 3 with big shootaz

Fast Attack
Da Gorzaggaz - Goffz who didn't like the long slow walk into battle, and preferred to have a bit more cover fire too
Nob Rukkwazza - slugga, power klaw, iron gob, bosspole
8 Trukk boyz - 1 with burna
Trukk - rokkit, grot riggaz

Heavy Support
Da Skabkanon - stolen from a humie vehicle park after a busted tellyporta meant the kanz and looted russ were stuck in space
Looted Basilisk - indirect fire, grot riggaz

Da Zagdakka Kanonz
Slaver Thugrunt - Squighound Zoggit
Mekboy Zaglug - kustom force field, 3 grot oilaz
15 Gretchin krew
3 Zzap gunz

Taktikz involved sticking the zzaps up front, marching them forward a couple of turns and halting when the enemy started to come in range. The alternative was to stick them on a flank with the bassy, attracting fire and nailing anything that closed within the 3' minimum range.

The boyz would go on one side, grots screening, then the rokkit sluggas, then the big shoota sluggas. The shoota boyz either went on a flank in close to the sluggas, or in the main column right behind the grots. The bassy tried to find a nice safe corner to hide in and pound away at whatever got in the open or contested an objective.

The two trukk mounted mobz stayed behind and tried to get into combat just ahead of the sluggas, but most games this didn't work and they ended up reinforcing an existing combat or going after objectives. The cyborks got their trukk shot out from under them in most games, only really getting into the fight twice - once to knock out a couple of beakie rhinos (after absorbing a heap of bolter fire) and once to wipe out two squads of Dire Avengers and contest a loot counter.




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Very interesting list, apart from Zzzap cannons, which I hate (apart from on BWs or BFs) because they need so much to protect them, and often don't get the points back. I'm not too fussed about the Geared up nobz, as I really like the idea of it fluff wise, I did that during Medooza (not too much gear, but some of them got some armour, or bionik replacements, etc...) A couple of minor changes i'd make: Give the Slaver 2 Ammo runts Give the Warboss Big Hornz / Gob Lose fragz on painboss Give ALL vehicles armour plates and that would be else, except... lost dem louzy Zzzaps! (I really, really hate Zzap bateries.....) You might wanna use Lobbas if you wanna take some big gunz, lobbaz are really, really good, and don't need much protection (except maybe a bit extra crew) Tepok

Proppa Unproppa

Boss Ardnutz

Boss Ardnutz

    Steel Hornz

  • Boyz
  • 635 posts
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Canberra, Australia
  • Army Name:da Maniakz
I actually found the zzaps were well worth their points! Even in games where they didn't kill much, they absorbed an enormous amount of firepower and kept on going. Some opponents either didn't realise how deadly they were, and got too close (Land Raider, Predator, Dreadnought, Land Speeder Tornado, and a couple of Terminators). Others devoted a great deal of shooting to trying (unsuccessfully) to knock the battery out - the only game where this happened was the one I lost, and that was because three War Walkers and a squad of Dire Avengers spent the whole game shooting at them, and even then two zzaps were alive at the end of the game when they fried two of the War Walkers. Armour plates I tend not to bother with these days. I've tried them and found they don't add much to survivability - not as much as 20pts for the zzap gun mek's KFF. I do need to work on getting the trukks into combat more reliably. The cyborks only saw combat twice, got their ride shot out from under them twice, had their trukk immobilised on terrain once, and had it crash on terrain once. The trukkboyz saw a lot more combat, which is funny because I was trying to use them to screen the cyborks! I will be taking the frags off the painboss, so I can give him dok's tools (which I always forget to use, but they are very in-character for a painboss).