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New Kamikaze Nob and friends

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Those are some very cool looking stormboyz. :thumbs The blue(despite being unpropa) looks really good, and the battledamage and chipped paint is just nice. The poses are fun and it's just a great unit. Jobs a gud un indeed. :yes


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nice to see these guys have gone from strength to strength since i last checked! and as usual another wicked paint job by the king of noze pickin'! any intentions of entry in golden demon?

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Knowing the reliability of ork toys,I'd say they need all the blue they can ^^ Top notch painting,very clean execution on the rust and wear and tear.Very nice personalization and uniqueness on them also,excellent way of making them propa orky. The original metals are pretty static i think no?



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Thanks. :blush @ MAd Bazza - I wish. I wouldn't mind keeping company like that. :biggrin @ Warlord Nazdreg - Thanks. I ran out of jump packs and needed one more for an upcoming battle. I just figure he had a slight malfunction when he lit the fuse. And yeah, I'm still working out the technique for source lighting. This was more of a practice piece. @ deamoncow - The chipping is quite easy. It's just Boltgun Metal applied to the edges and then I use a fine detail brush to add the streaks and scratches. It doesn't take long, but it's a pain to do. @ KrOOzA - You'd have to be a little "off" to strap a rokkit to your back, wouldn't you? ;) The 'Air Force' blue on the uniforms is actually Shadow Gray drybrushed over black. @ Phattony - Only if they move a GD tourny closer to me. Right now, Chicago is the closest at about 1,000 miles. That's a bit too far to go, IMHO, to get an artistic buttwhoopin'. ;) These guys were both fun and a pain in the :bleep to do. I liked coming up with all of the wacky poses. But, with most of them being so top heavy, I ended up having to change some of them because they kept falling over.
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Nice conversion & paint work! :cheers I never found the Stormboyz much usefull in gaming, far too fragile but I guess I might need to field alot bigger mob then a minimum sized one...ups :blush :D
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Everything is wonderfull! 'xpect for the bases, frankly. by the standard the model is, that base ... suck. To be honest, I actually think it looked better without the base. No hard feelings, it just looks so plain. I suppose you could Hlight it some more, and it'll be good. But uh, right now its just a bit plain. Drybrush it some more and I too will name you king! : )
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