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Three Questions.

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It appears I again call on your colective wisdom. Firstly, could anyone please direct me ot the stats ofr a kroot mercenary? Try as I might I just can't find them, and I may be facing some in an upcoming campaign I've arranged to do with a friend. Secondly, with regards to a multi melta. Now, I'm begining to start up my warband (about that damned time to :whip ) I'll post pics once I get the pieces and sort out some trade issues. Also, I'm entering a competitipon where I may win some cash so that'll help giving the budget I set myself has decreased further than I first thought. Eitherways, I figured I'd start up with my ganger, Hawk. Now originally I set him up with a Heavy Stubber :dakka but have quickly learnt I'll be facing soem heavy opponents in some heavy terrain. And I mean the occassional beakie to. So after alot of thinking, I realised a possible solution. :! a Multi Melta. Hawks fluff is in a different thread just below this one for my warband, do you think I can work one in? Finally, does anyone use a neural whip, or could suggest tactics for it? I ask simply because I intend to model one more than anything else, and use it with my Rogue Trader. Any adive or feedback would be much appreciated.
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1. Kroot Mercenary. Have you checked the backlog of online fanatics? I really haven't got time to check for you, but here's a link: http://www.specialis...es.com/back.asp - you may find it there, I'm pretty sure it's somewhere in a fanatic magasine, if not, try one of those campaign books - like the Thorian one.

2. Multi Meltas are simply awesome, I use one myself with my cultist. The only problem is, that given to anything of flesh and blood, the Multi Melta is a terribly obvious and much feared target - he's been sniped before he got a shot off on most games I've used him in. He does melt Beakies into candles though, unfortunately, if you can't protect him well, he'll end up out of the game far too soon.

3. The neural whip is excellent. I'd use it simply as a useful weapon. It having Reach 4 is incredibly useful, as is the fact it adds 20% to an opponent's parry penalty makes it difficult to stop. Added by your strength mod, it'll be quite a powerful weapon, but don't go taking any particularly tough opponents on with it. I suggest you hit fast with it, use it's reach to get a few uncountered attacks with it, and hope it's enough to drop them, because you're not likely to be able to parry their attacks either. It's a very effective weapon - it will hit often, and it cause a fair amount of damage, and that reach 4 is amazingly useful.

Hope this helps...