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Now the other warband

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Ok, so I posted up my Rogue Traderwarband, which still needs some editing, and now I'm am posting my warband led by an Inquisitor. Dimitri Corsiah was born to Colonel Horrius only a few years before the war for Cadia. From the beginning Dimitri showed promise, constantly ahead of others in their training exercises and showing an incredible knowledge of how to use various weapons. It was no surprise when he became part of the Youth Platoon at the age of thirteen and continued to fight for them until the age of twenty five, when he went on to become an Imperial Guardsmen. During the war with the Despoiler, Colonel Dimitri was ordered to lead his platoon against an incoming force of Thousand Sons. The two factions met upon a meteorite, and fought for three months, each side completely cut off from their leaders. When Dimitri finally emerged victorious, he was surprised to find a figure waiting for him. The stranger quickly had him removed from service, had his rank and title stripped and had him taken away on a curious black ship, all done within a single day. Corsiah was soon to discover that the stranger was Inquisitor Bernard Farcius, who had been watching the Guardsmen with interest, and was one of the leading experts on fighting the Thousand Sons. Dimitrii was quick to learn of the Inquisitions interest with him, and immediately took on the role of acolyte to Bernard. Five years later, he returned home as an Inquisitor of the Ordo malleus. Dimitri very quickly took an interest in the mysterious panzee, especially the Harlequins. Having found out about Ahrimans tearing into the Webway and Inquisitor Czevak, he investigated them further. The Inquisitors travels brought him to Ultramar, where he met Marneus Calgar. The lord of the Ultra Beakies, having read the Inquisitors treatise on the harlequins, wished for the Inquisitors aid in dealing with a nuisance in the form of the webway performers. The Inquisitor agreed and was soon able to meet the panzee in person. He spoke to the great Harlequin, and through him learnt a great many things about their troupe and their mission. He was able to help them and the Ultramarines come to a truce to destroy the Slaaneesh threat lurking there, but soon lost contact with them afterwards. It was hear that he met the Adeptus Arbite, Judge Garokar, who had been abandoned by his fellows when he went to the Inquisition about his heretical leader. He knew Dimitri by reputation, and straight away took up the offer to join him. The next meeting was upon the world of Ghaal. A near deserted planet, the fleeing settlers were having difficulty abandoning one of their number. The two travellers had come in search of an panzee artefact when they had witnessed a lone girl battle three men, each armed with a short sword. However, none could get close enough before she sent them tumbling with a swift kick or head butt. Impressed, Dimitri confronted their leader and demanded to know what her crime was. Apparently she slew armed men and sacrificed them to the emperor, allowing Dimitri to realise her as one of the Death Cult. Her drinking of blood and eating the dead scared the settlers, but Dimitri only saw an efficient and effective weapon. Karsia, as she was called, quickly recognised the Inquisitor as a friend and agreed to follow him. Her skills more than made up for her somewhat unusual eating habits, which the Inquisitor was prepared to take a blind eye to. The three travelled on quickly, leaving the doomed planet to another, far superior Inquisitor to deal with. Instead, they travelled to the world of Cadia once more, where it was rumoured that Harlequins were going about strange activity in the night. Upon arriving, however, Dimitri was told he would not be allowed into the area he wished to visit as there was a trial going on in there. It took only a moment to show his Inquisitorial badge, and he was let in with many apologies and requests for forgiveness. Curious about the trial, he led his entourage to watch the events. It turned out that a squad of Kasrkin has been requested to aid the Cadians against an attack by cultists, but were ordered to stay in case they were needed elsewhere. Apparently Sergeant Darla had refused to stay, and instead led her squad into the heart of the enemy and slain their leader against orders. The sentence was execution, or it would have been, if not for the Inquisitors intervention. The Judge seemed reluctant to allow the Inquisitor to continue, even with the seal he carried. Dimitri quickly revealed this to be a false trial, and that the judge was in fact a heretic, trying to slay Darla before she killed another of his leaders. Dimitri oversaw the trial himself and it was he that passed sentence and vented the purifying flames upon the heretic. The whole time, Darla never left his side. The instant the business was sorted out, he took Darla to the Inquisition and requested that he take her as his Acolyte. His request was granted, and the two have worked closely together ever since. Now for the stats: Inquisitor Dimitri WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld 85 65 65 65 80 85 85 85 85 Equipment: Power Sword, Tanglefoot grenade, bolt pistol with reload, five kraken rounds, flak armour on all locations accept head. Special Abilities: Leader, furious Assault. Judge Garokar WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld 50 75 55 55 65 90 90 90 85 Equipment: Revolver with reload, five Dumdum rounds, Shock Maul, Flak Armour on all locations. Karsia, Death Cult assassin WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld 85 60 65 60 90 60 60 70 35 Equipment: Sword coated in Bloodfire, Three knives coated with stun, Two throwing knives Special Abilities: Blademaster, Acrobatic, catfall Acolyte Darla WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld 75 65 60 60 70 75 75 75 75 Equipment: Sword, Flak Armour on all location except head, servo med skull. Special Abilities: Leader.
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