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1500pt codex Orks

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Boss Ardnutz

Boss Ardnutz

    Steel Hornz

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  • Location:Canberra, Australia
  • Army Name:da Maniakz
This is a variation of a list I've been using (with a fair few draws and losses but very few wins) for about 12 months. The main changes to my old list are Warboss in Mega Armour, splitting the grot mob into two, and dropping one warbike while turning the other into a PK nob. I also dropped a Zzap Gun in favour of more slugga boyz because it almost never did anything (enemy just avoided it or killed it with fire in turn 1).

Usually the Warboss will ride with the Trukkboyz.

I am a bit concerned that there might not be enough Big Shootas in the list, but I'm not sure where to squeeze them in. I also wonder if the single Kan is a bit weedy/pointless but then he seems to be better than the single Zzap Gun I had before...

Suggestions welcome!

Warboss Ardnutz da Insane
Warboss, Mega Armour, Shoota/Skorcha, More Dakka, Cybork body

Skreemin Deff from da Abuvv
11 Stormboyz, Slugga, Choppa, Frags
+ Nob, Slugga, Power Klaw, Frags, Iron Gob

Kommissar Grotnik an da Small 'Ord
16 Grots
+ Slaver, Rokkit, Squighound

'ey 'ey we're da Runteez
16 Grots
+ Slaver, Rokkit, Squighound

da Nuttaz ov Krump
20 Slugga Boyz, Slugga, Choppa, 3 Rokkits
+ Nob, Slugga, Choppa, Big Horns
221 pts

Look, 'ere comes da Boot Leavva!
20 Slugga Boyz, Sluggas, Choppa, 3 Burnas
+ Nob, Slugga, Power Klaw, Iron Gob

da Koffin Cheetaz
3 Warbikes, Twin Linked Big Shoota
+ Nob, Warbike, Twin Linked Big Shoota, Slugga, Power Klaw

da Full Frottle Boyz
8 Trukk Boyz, Slugga, Choppa, 1 Burna
+ Nob, Slugga, Power Klaw
+ Wartrukk, Rokkit, Red Paint Job, Turbo Boosta

Garbo da Kan
Killa Kan, Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, Big Shoota, Armour Plates

Big Muvva
Looted Leman Russ, Battlecannon, Heavy Bolter, Armour Plates, Grot Riggers, Red Paint Job

Total 1500pts.

Boss Ardnutz

Boss Ardnutz

    Steel Hornz

  • Boyz
  • 635 posts
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Canberra, Australia
  • Army Name:da Maniakz
No comments? Played against a 1500pt Dark Angels army today, the opponent's list was four min/max tactical squads, a 10-man scout squad with a HB and 9 snipers, Dread with asscan and DCCW and a Ven Dread with missile launcher and TL las and tank hunter, a Vindicator and 5 Termies with pair lightning claws and a drop pod. His HQ was a master with combi-bolter and power weapon of some sort. Game was s&d gamma, I kept the warboss off with the trukks. I got first turn. Everything except the boss and trukkboyz came on in my turn 2, they both arrived my turn 3. His vehicles all came on in his Turn 2 but his termies didn't come on until his turn 5. The small bike unit went through his scouts like a dose of salts - they lasted into his assault phase and I was able to consolidate into another one of his units when the last scout died, although I did make a rules mistake by taking a dangerous terrain test for the consolidate :/ which cost me one bike. I'll be keeping the bike nob for sure - especially since he later finished off another tac beakie squad and helped take out the shooty dread. Having two grot screens worked well in this game. One of my grot mobs even killed a Terminator with a grot blaster shot. Not sure how they would have gone against a more dakka-heavy enemy - my opponent said he had a shooty list but it didn't seem very shooty to me - the boyz never really felt threatened by his dakka. The Kan didn't do much apart from absorb two turns of shooting from one of his tac squads and the dread. It ended the game immobilised but still had both weapons. I used the stormboyz a bit smart (and a lot lucky) and managed a charge into one tac squad and consolidate into another (in his assault phase). That was a bit of a mistake by my opponent as he should have been charging me before then. Stormboyz then finished off the second tac squad and assisted on the Ven Dread. So the stormboyz get to keep their jobs too. Boss and trukkboyz didn't do too much, I found it a bit difficult to get them into HTH due to where I brought them on and where the combats ended up happening. When they did come on they killed the ordinary Dread and assisted on the Ven Dread. Any suggestions what I could best do with 50pts from the Kan?




  • Boyz
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i would drop the bikes and get more kans, but im just not a bike fan :)



    Steel Teef

  • Deathskullz
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  • Army Name:Deathskulls
I agree about the bikes, but again that's just my own dislike for them (partly the models). The list looks pretty solid. I'd give the warboss mega boostas, otherwise you'll occasionally get rolls of 3 which will leave you out of assault range.
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