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Feral Ork Warboss

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    Explosive Kranium

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love the shoose made of a iron jaw breakin'head ! Is it a long eared squig-trap where your intelligent boss putted his foot ? :biggrin
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Gash Nak Iron Toof

Gash Nak Iron Toof

    Stainless Steel Skull

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That warboss looks awesome! Glyph looks much better too.

Check out Maxmini , Kromlech and Puppetswar for great conversion bits!

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  • Grotz
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Fully painted now,

Posted Image

More pics can be found here:


Just needs varnishing and the base finishing off, perhaps a couple more highlights on the glyph



    Grot Slave

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Overall a very good model. You have really made the hunter body work, and both Gazzies head and the burna looks quite good on it. But I must say that I really hate that glyph. There are plenty of much better alternatives out there, like for instance some of the nob banner thingies, or maybe some vehicle glyphs? Other than that, good job. Oh, and paint his left eye! Cheers.
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    Loota Boy

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Fully painted now,

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Nooooo! Such a cool model deserves a better paintjob. Please, do some highlights and drybrushing.
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    da thread digga

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The paintjob is actually quite good. it just needs some highlights on the skin and the glyph and itd look pretty good! nice job!



    Rutted Gob Busta

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I take it back after seeing it painted, the glyph works. Using the hunter body was an exellent idea that you executed very well. You should be proud. :cheers

Kaptun Krum

Kaptun Krum

    Arbork Kaptun

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Pretty good conversion and paint job you got there. I concur though that you should paint his left eye and his bionic eye. It would help touch it up some. Also, on the glyph plates, some weathering on it would help quite a bit and bring out some more of the detail on it. Finally, I'd suggest painting the fingernails. ;)
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