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Scavvy gang

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Please some tips on building a scavvy gang, I plan to play one in a local campaign soon.



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I'll be away for a few days, so before I go I'll pop up a few pointers. Firstly, gear your leader towards combat. Scavvy weapons are notorious for poor ammo rolls, and the leader's pick isn't going to be much better. Secondly, you do want a few mutants in amongst your scavvies. Some of them are very useful (I'm particularly fond of the two-headed mutant type). You want at least one Scaly. Scattergun or spear gun, they both have their uses. Scalies always have ammo issues, but the throwing axes are definitely a waist. If you're using the new rules, you get "Followers" which means you could have Scavvy Dogs, Ghouls or Plague Zombies following you around. I generally advise sticking to Plague Zombies. You get a nice amount of them each game and they're pretty amazing. Ultimately you want to use them as cannonfodder, a nice throwaway distraction. Scavvies usually do best by outnumbering the foe. Make sure to eat captives, and keep your cash-flow going as best as you can. Scavvies are going to have ammo issues, so just be aware of it. It is better to address it by having more Scavvies than it is to take lots of back-ups.