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The New Mob/An Old Mob

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  • Grotz
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So my painting Desk is full. I built a new MorkaMob last night and I'm really liking it. However because I'm using Nob figs for my Spanners and boss I may need a better Trukk than the Battlewagon I'm using.  I was going to give them the Doombuggy but that's my Gorkaboyz Trukk.

The List is

Trukk - Naked


Nob - Choppa, Slugga, Fragg Stikks

Spanner: Bike, Krakk Stikks, Twin Linked Shoota


Spanner - Shoota


Driver Boy - Knife


Boy 1 - Uge Choppa


Boy 2 - Uge Choppa


Boy 3 - Slugga/Choppa


I figure I'll be boarding while tossing grenades at rival trukks. Bikespanner will also be in charge of mutie hunting.

Also on my Desk are  the Snortaz you all saw years ago. They have been zazzed up a bit (Chainsaw tusks on the boss Boar, mechano Leg on another, head plugs.) I built these for my friend who wanted to play GoMo but liked an Order of Knights of GorkaMorka. All are decked in heavy armor and shields with stikkbombs. So they may be a mob of four but they are trukk Crushers from what I've seen in playtesting.

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    Tankbusta Boy

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Nice! Looking forward to some photos :D


The only thing I'd say is that your nob has stikkbombs - stikkbombs count as clubs (same weapon profile as a choppa). There is a chance they'll go of in hand to hand but it's relatively slim (and hilarious).



    Throws the bomb, not the pin.

  • Grotz
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That makes me want to do some snorta knights too, only they work it with sluggas and krakstiks. Can't miss when you're krumpin they 'ead.