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Monster mash

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    Puffball Fungus

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id like to field an army of the biggest and baddest available to o&g. just like to run this 2500 list by you for some feed back warboss, GW, wyvern 281 2xgoblin warboss, gigantic spider, LA GW 248 night goblin big boss giant cave squig, GW 84 Black orc bsb boar, banner flame 131 40 sav orc big un with bows and mus 450 50 night goblins, netters, mus 205 6xtrolls 210 10 squig hoppers 120 arachnarok 290 giant 200 2xmangler squig 120 so that comes to around 2340, leaving a bit for unit upgrades and magic weapons. The wyvern is support for the two hordes, the two gigantic spiders will be tag teaming with the arachnarok, ill send the giant cave squig, manglers, and squig hoppers leap frogging down a flank or war machine hunting. the bsb is for giving the big uns flaming arrows. the goblin horde will act as a steadfast tarpit and im actually thinking of running 6 units of 1xtroll around the giant but not sure how it will work and will prob end up with them in a monstrous horde. Lots of fast hard hitting units and if anything it lacks magical defense and artillery. so how would the last 160 points be well spent? a scroll caddy goblin? more trolls? some chariots? ward saves on my big stuff? a shrunken head orc shaman? a throw away goblin archer or wolf rider unit? some artillery? or just pump more big uns in the horde? Although its themed at big stuff i still want to have a proper functioning force

Mr Squiggee

Mr Squiggee


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