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Blood Bowl Newb...

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Imho humans, In the hands of a good player, are possibly the second-best team after orcs. Very very flexible. But orcs are the camp I sit very firmly in. 4bo, 4blitz, 1throw, 3 line, 2rr, 4ff. Lets break it down for a newb. (only my opinions!) 1. BB is a mix of strategy and statistics. Unlike 40k or fantasy, the vastly less random elements (less dice throwing, no inch-by-inch movement) show that you can (as you play more games) work out your averages to a more successful extent. The tactics are dictated by the different teams, and the way they "play" the game. I.e, a passing game for elves, but nonetheless the strategy is displayed by the statistics of throwing and perhaps sprinting, and a bit of dodging, but not very much bashing. As opposed to orcs, who do the opposite. Summary: Learn your odds early! Eg- 2 dice blocks are better (not just for the slightly increased chance of knocking someone over, but for the VASTLY increased chance of you not falling over yourself, and suffering the infernal turnover), and you should, if posible, perform all actions that have a 100% success rate first, then move down the list of %chance actions. (Unless of course an action, like a lock to move a player out of the way to let 2 or more of your own players have a clear path without having to dodge, etc.) 2. Don't go the bash by halves. Unlike other specialist teams, orcs have very little in the way of skills to start with. I fear dwarf teams when I start because they block me all over the place. 2 things you can do to alleviate this. Firstly, take 12 players to start with, and make 'em all orcs. This gives you flexibility to keep pushing in the early games, and being able to stand up to dwarves, chaos, mummies, etc and still generally be able to outnumber them come the second half. Secondly, If you have the ball, a cage doesn't need to travel at any great speed up the field if you're winning the bashing contest. The more time you have to manipulate where his team will approach your cage to try and extract the ball, the more you can focus on removing his skilled players, so when you DO get a TD, his return setup is less powerful.Summary: 12 starting players, all of ST3 or above (no gobbos) are a real handful for other starting teams. 3. Avoid the temptation to buy a Cheap gobbo first. Save for the troll. You have 12 players already, and as they skill, the addition of a troll will add flexibility with your blitzers being able to take on a more "athletic" role if you need, because your wall/cage/defence will be that much sturdier. (although an apothocary can also be a wise investment, but I find that depends on how many biffy teams are in the league) As fun as gobbos are, never forget they are ST2, and get injured riduculously easily. One tackle player, or even worse, block tackle mighty blow, will end his dreams of staying alive for an entire season. summary: Support and established team with gobbos, don't add them too early. (Although I do like the idea of Orxymandiuz' cunnin' team) Orcs are a brutal team, as long as you keep their strengths in mind,, and build on them. Hope this helps! - Darce
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