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Black Orcs or Normal Orcs + Goblins warband

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My pals and I have been playing Mordheim for a while now and so far my Orcs and Goblins warband has been doing relatively naff so far, with lots of casualties and little gain. I got slaughtered by a possesed warband several times in a row, losing my shaman, my Orc Boss (right after he got WS5 too! :( ) 3 big uns (the new guy I bought died shortly after I rehired another), a promoted boy called Wunder Lad :crybaby and even more henchmen. The worst part was how much experience my friend's one possessed, Angelbane, got as he reached MAX experience by the next time I faced him. Eventually three of us including me made a coalition to fight against his warband, his possessed subsequently leapfrogged across our combined forces and massacred my Skaven friend while my Empire ally failed to do any damage with his shooting. More or less what I'm trying to go here is that I just found out about the other Orc supplements, particularly Black Orcs. Although more elite with less choices (sort of...just no goblins) I really like the characters and the fact they can get a 3+ armour save. Is it worth it though? Should I try out the Black Orcs or should I stick with my first Orc warband for now. If I do try out the Black Orcs any particular tactics, units and wargear combos that I should start off with?
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I know you posted this a year ago, but from what I can gather, armor in mordheim isn't that great because of the critical hit rule, so I think the black orc list isn't that much better if better at all.

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Dribble Joy


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Not really the crits (though they don't help and I'd recommend the different crit tables at the back), but the cost and general pointlessness of armour.

Str4 is everywhere, turning a 5+ save into nothing worth writing home about. A 5+ isn't great anyway. A shield only cripples your model's manoeuvrability.

Unless you're using some form of house armour rules, then it's not worth it hugely.

Check my Black Orc warband experimental list by the way.