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Shadow Warriors

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Da Grimpond

Da Grimpond

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Hello all! Currently i am running shadow warriors and am gonna make dwarfs but for now shadows!! They are very useful! If you do go shadows always get Sniper skill, you would not belive how helpful it is! Now onto the warband! Leader: shadow master Barry Hes a nasty peice of work but is all range based M5 WS6 BS7 S3 T3 W1 I9 A1 LD10 Shield, hunting arrows, longbow, lucky charm, dagger Skills: Quickshot, Sniper, Trick shooter, Dodge Shadow Walker: Frank (first to have silly name, did so well in the games that barry became barry) M5 WS6 BS6 S3 T4 W2 I6 A1 LD9 Dagger, lucky charm, Ithilmar Sword, Shield, Longbow, Ithilmar Armor Skills: Quickshot, Sniper, Step aside shadow Walker: Asa Asa was next hero for me tho has been unlucky M4 WS5 BS5 S3 T3 W1 I6 A2 LD9 Longbow, Hunting arrows, Shield, Dagger Skills: Quickshot, sniper and has a leg wound Shadow Weaver: Siren She came at same time as asa M5 WS4 BS5 S3 T4 W1 I8 A1 LD8 Dagger, lucky charm Skills: Sorcery, The living shadows, pool of shadows (las game TLS took out a hero =D) Shadow warrior nov: not got a name, last game got HGT and became hero M5 WS3 BS4 S4 T3 W1 I6 A1 LD7 longbow, dagger, shield, lucky charm Skills: n/a hench Deadeyes number 3, shadow warrior novs M5 WS3 BS4 S4 T3 W1 I6 A1 LD7 longbows, daggers, shields Swords of life number 2, shadow warrior novs M5 WS4 BS3 S4 T3 W1 I5 A1 LD7 Swords x2 each, shields. daggers now i did have more deadeyes, one became hero and one died in the game before asa and siren came. I am please with how its gone so far =) played a few games, lost every one! I rout alot, but only because when swarmed by zombies in the early days its a good idea! lol

Kiwi Ork

Kiwi Ork


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Arrrgh - get those orrible panzees orf our luvly ork forum. Greenskins only! :nono