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Nob Rott

Nob Rott

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I have a draft set of rules half written, adapting necromunda for skirmish games set in the old west. They are mostly equipment restrictions and 'counts as' guidelines. For example: Stub gun - single action revolver Autopistol - double action revolver Laspistol - military issue pistol Autogun - lever action rifle Lasgun - military rifle Heavy bolter - gatling gun Missile launcher - cannon (fired as drag, central hole counts as krak, higher cost) Etc. Also, all gangs would have access to blunderbuss and muskets. Some other equipment is still in, mostly under different names. Has anyone got any ideas for it, and would anyone like a copy once they are finished? Nob Rott



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Yeah that would be quite interesting. Some of the rules could even be used in a regular Necromunda campaign, for even smaller skirmishes!

For ideas, I'm no expert when it comes to westerns, but I do have a few ideas. Firstly, I think your first port of call would be to familiarise yourself with the Shoot-Out scenario. It is the kind of scenario that fits the theme you're looking at, and builds up a lot of tension.

As to the system itself, I think you need one particularly crucial addition. For the most part, I'd say cover would be a fair bit less than in a regular Necromunda game, so you need to address the issue of hitting. I have a suggestion for this. "Nerve". If you watch enough spaghetti westerns and shoot-outs, it does seem to be as important to hold your nerve as shoot a gun.

In this regard, I'd suggest that in certain scenarios (wide open areas where enemies are close) that when you can "see the whites of their eyes" that you need to hold your nerve in order to shoot straight. Thus in addition to the usual rules, you'd take a leadership test before each shot, or group of shots. If you failed, you could still fire, but you'd have a modifier on successful hits, either fixed, or a modifier equal to the amount you failed by, or a group of fixed modifiers based on the amount you fail by.

I also think that some gunfights should be treat in a similar manner to melee. I.e. if a gunfighter is outgunned, he does have some slim chance of winning the gunfight. Having an initial score perhaps, with a D6 per shots fired, treat in a similar manner to combat (down to the outnumbering modifiers, criticals and fumbles) could be used in some situations to allow an interesting mechanic. In the wild west, you'd want more gun combat than close quarters, so I'd say incorporating something like this is worth considering.