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Shooty Ork Gang?

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Dribble Joy

Dribble Joy


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I'm intrigued by the Ork gang rules from this thread, but I was wondering how possible it is to make a shooty gang?

BS2 doesn't help, nor does the -1 to hit on many weapon's long ranges. Any hit you cause is likely to result in an ammo roll (which you are likely to fail).

Stubbas seems the best way to go for the boys, but what about the spannas? Burnas at least guarantee a hit, but they are short ranged. Big shootas will run out of ammo even faster than a regular heavy stubber (Ie. the first time they are fired more than likely). Deffguns are expensive.
Best seems to be the kustom mega blasta, but it only fires half the time.

Am I looking for something that isn't there? Am I essentially stuck with beating face?

List so far:

Stubba, Choppa.

Big Shoota, Stubba.

Big Shoota, Stubba.

5x Boy

A few creds left for bits and bobs and/or trading.



    Ban Stikk Target

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With those rules, certainly. I don't know quite when I'll be finished with them, but I am working on some Ork Gang rules myself. To be honest, I could use a little help Necromundifying all the weapons, ammo and gubbinz. I'd say most lists using those rules (well most lists using most Ork rules) tend to rely on Grots for shooting. I don't approve of the BS2. In my rules, they are BS 3. Inaccuracy is factored in with hit modifiers. Grots make up for being the same by having a higher potential BS from advances, and having weaker, but more accurate weapons.