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=I= grotz warband

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Some of my mates have started playing inquisitor using the WH40K scale models, so I, feeling a bit left out, decided to join them. Being a game where anything goes, I decided to throw together a warband made of gretchin and snotlings. I wanted to do the polar opposite of the might that is the inquisitor, and figured grots would be the lowest possible conclusion. I've come up with a backstory for the warband itself (basically thrown out of a bloodaxe clan on armagedon) and a story for most of the characters. I've almost finished painting the converted models for it. Basically, theres a headgrot who's obsessed with the blood beakie chapter and sports a plasma pistol, 'the spear of sanguinus' (actually just a spear) and a completely arbitary beakie back pack. Theres also a weird grot (with very limited psychic powers) a med grot, a few random gunny grots and a bunch of snotlings manning a mortar, which is essentially a missle launcher on bike wheels. I have 7 grots in total and the snotlings. Most of the grots (apart from the head grot) have been left with the weapons they came with in the sprue, with a few grenades thrown in and one or two added CC non-ballistic weapons. What I'm after is ideas for stats, particularly for the snotlings (which Iim counting as one character) and any ideas or opinions anyone might have. Keep in mind these aren't your average grots, particularly the leader, who is unusually strong and brave, with a deluded sense that he may one day be a beakie. Cheers guys

edit: for a better idea of the warband, I extrapolated on this themed army idea: http://www.fightingt...themedorks1.htm
These are grots that were rejected from Karkar's clan, with a few others they picked up along the way.



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hi, sorry cant help you with the stats that much (maybe start with whatever a human is and lower everything by whatever amount most makes sense - seems to work in most games i have played) Wanted to say that i liked the idea of your grotz warband - especially that the leader thinks he has a shot at becoming a beakie, hilarious and would be fun to play.
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