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Shadow wars?

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  • Blood Axez
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I know its not true Necromunda but What do folk think about posting in this section of the forum for shadow war Armageddon?


Ideally Shadow war having its own section on the forum would be the best option but I'm just spit balling ideas here.

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Mad Grot Docsnik

Mad Grot Docsnik

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I think this is a good venue for it for now. I think renaming the sub-forum Necromunda/Shadow War might be a good thing. I will have a word with the HQ.

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This was a good move.  I check this site from time to time, but I stopped playing 40k a couple years ago when the rules got to the point where even playing with people who are fun to game with was more of a chore than a fun past-time.  We simply swapped to other games that everyone found fun.


Anyways, Shadow War (and the 8th ed rumors) have me interested in playing in the 40k universe again and so I came back to see what other people thought about Shadow War and found that nobody seemed to know exactly where to post about it.


Now we have a space so hopefully more people will be interested in discussing it.

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Boss Badgrub

Boss Badgrub

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Shadow War really is what pulled me into the game/hobby aspect of 40k. I've read the background stuff and even the codicies (codexes?) since the beginning of Fourth edition, and have flirted with getting involved since then, but haven't. I like the fact that I don't have to build or buy dozens and dozens of Orks. I can build a small unit and watch it grow as my fighters improve etc. I'm looking forward to getting my Kill Team table ready and playing a few games.

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