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This may get me chased out...

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Uzrug Slasha

Uzrug Slasha

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Okay, so recently the Dark panzee army was released. Was I the only one who looked at it as an awesome opportunity to make a DE BFG fleet? The.. whatever they are called, the hover bikes could be flipped upside down and make awesome crusiers and the hover boards could make perfect escorts. If anyone is as obsessed with BFG as I am (read: as much if not more than actual 40k) please fill in with advice.
-Uzrug Slasha-
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Shoo, out with the panzee! ;) The reaver jetbikes may work. However I do not know the size of them as I never held one. If you do decide to use the reaver jetbikes, then I would suggest adding some solar sails.


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Yes Yes Yes! The Jetbikes will make fantastic Cruiser sized ships and the background implies that the dark panzee have some massive fleets easily big enough to take on the massive fleets of the Imperium.