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Da Blitz Brigade - Vigilus Ork Detachments

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    Bag Squig

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I picked up on that aswell Skumdreg, and ofcourse were talking about the new officiell 40k podcast, voxcast.



    Gnasher (face eater)

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But we all knew that anyway. :)

I thought it was a great podcast, and I hope they have more designers on there in the future.



    Loota Boy

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Why wouldn't they redesign beakies? Rolling them out forces people to buy up the old ones to finish any projects before they're gone, It's a way to get existing players to effectively buy their whole army a second time, all while making more money off of each box than they did the year before. It works for all those "BUT MUH TRUESCALE" people out there that  need their beakies to be twice as big as any other model because they think beakies are 10' tall... for some reason. And they're new models to buy for the collectors too. It's a win/win/win/win scenario for GW with huge profits.

Heck I honestly wouldn't have minded new beakie models if GW was just wanting "proper" sized beakie with better wargear and stats to re-enforce them being super soldiers instead of just Catachan veterans with a 3+ sv. The bit I dislike is them being beakier beakies than even the beakie beakies. Yo dawg we heard you like super humans, so we put super human serum in your super humans so you can super human while you super human. Every chapter seems perfectly fine with these Ad Mech abominations too (oh geeze that's convenient). Also model wise they're multi-part but still limited pose so you can't do all that much with them to make them more unique without spending a lot of time and greenstuff on them. Luckily the shoulder pads and helmets are the same size so if you were using FW or 3rd party bits to make them cooler those still work, so there is something. 

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I love that meme going about of one of the imperials guys being resurrected as a primaris while being dead and going "Brothers! I'm back to kill all heretics and enact the will of the Emperor! Wait... you're all taller than I remember. Why can I no longer fit in my Stormraven? Why is that Rhino floating?"