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2800pt Savage Orc (Tournament)

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Mr Squiggee

Mr Squiggee


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After spending 20 years playing games loosely based on history, and bagging fantasy gaming endlessly as I did so (as one does when one is an 'historical' gamer, sad version thereof), I made the switch to our game in 1995 because I basically fell head over heels in lurve with Savage Orcs. They were my first WHFB tournament army, and after the better part of another couple of decades howling in the wilderness, I once more feel the need to heed The Scream of the Green. (This actually forms the third element of my all Greenskins in all games theme, tying in with my ApORKeelips NAAAAGH! 40k army & my Goblin Blood Bowl team.) So, knowing full well about the inherent weaknesses of Frenzy (well, not just knowing them - embracing them ... I once had a lot of fun with a Khorne Warrior army as well), here is my first Warhammer tournament army in a very long time: Savage Orc Warboss with Basha's 'Club' of Stunty Smashin', Obsidian Lodestone & Potion of Speed Savage Orc Great Shaman, L4, Lucky Shrunken Head, Fencer's 'Clubs' Savage Orc Shaman, L2, Dispel Scroll (as if he can read!), Terrifying Mask of (W)Eeee! Savage Orc Big Boss, BSB, additional hand weapon, Standard of Discipline Savage Orc Big Boss, War Boar, 'Club' of Striking, Enchanted Shield, Ruby Ring of Ruin 40 Savage Orc Big 'Uns with additional hand weapons, Big Stabba & full command (Warboss, Great Shaman & BSB - predictably - go in this unit) 2 x 22 Savage Orc Boyz with additional hand weapons, Big Stabba & full command Shaman goes into one of these units) 10 Savage Orc Arrer Boyz with musician 2 x 5 Savage Orc Boar Boyz with additional hand weapons & musician 2 x 6 River Trolls (I've generally tried to avoid un-Savage like concepts such as armour, unpainted ward saves or 'civilised' Orcs & Gobbos. I'm just a theming git at heart.) It's not exactly subtle in terms of basic tactics (well, I do tend to very much play in theme). The two smaller combat blocks will act as an anvil & the arrer boyz as a distraction. The Trolls will flank the Big 'Uns, and those three 'hammer' units will basically win or lose most games. The Boar Boyz will guard the flanks & act as the biggest, fattest & most vile smelling 'light' cavalry the game has ever seen, while the War Boar mounted Big Boss will go haring about trying to rip into war machines, mages & anything suitably small and squishy. So how does the list look? Am I heading in the right direction, here? And, accepting that it will look dead set feral & Orccy & paint up a treat without too much effort (or talent, phew), will it be fun to play with and against? :cheers

Kaptun Krum

Kaptun Krum

    Arbork Kaptun

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I've got a couple of suggestions on the list as I'm also playing a primarily savage orc forest gobbo list, but I would like to hear how your experiences with the list have gone before I offer in my two teef.
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