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2000 points vs. empire

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    Throws the bomb, not the pin.

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  • Army Name:Nazgob's
Here my third attempt of a ong list, books of Storm of Magic and Monstrous Arcanum allowed. Empire approx. consists of 5 x 10 handgunners (detachments), 20 swordsmen, 20 halberdiers, 30 flagellants, 2 canons, 1 hellblaster and a wizard Here's the list : LORDS [165] Orc warboss . H.A. . talisman of preservation . enchanted shield . goes in 1st orc unit HEROES (361) [100] orc shaman - lvl 2 [90] goblin shaman - lvl 2 [82] orc big boss .BSB . goes in second orc unit . GW [57] orc big boss . goes in third orc unit . GW [57] orc big boss . GW . goes in fourth orc unit CORE (700) [175] 20 Orcs w/ shield .full cmd [175] 20 Orcs w/ shield .full cmd [175] 20 Orcs w/ shield .full cmd [175] 20 Orcs w/ shield .full cmd SPECIAL (565) [170] 2 Boar chariots [395] 30 blorcs, full cmd RARE (180) [180] 4 stone trolls is 1996 points. As I said it's for my third game with ong, C&C are welcome.