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New to Warhammer 3k Alt List

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Here is another list that I drew up which I favor a bit more than the other one I have here in the same forum. This is a magic heavy Goblin list, two things about Fantasy that I am really interested in and drawn to. Goblin Great Shaman (LVL 4) -Arachnarok Spider --Flinger --Catchweb Spider Shrine -Book of Ashur -Obsidian Amulet Night Goblin Shaman (LVL 2) -Dispel Scroll Night Goblin Shaman (LVL 2) -Channeling Staff Snagla Grobspit 3x Night Goblin Mobs (50) -Full Command -Nets -2x Fanatics 2x Goblin Mobs (40) -Musician and Standard Bearer -Shields and Short Bows Forest Goblin Spider Riders (14) -Deff Creepers -Musician and Standard Bearer 2x Night Goblin Squig Hoppers (9) 2x Goblin Doom Diver Catapults 2x Stone Trolls (2) I think that this build will be pretty challenging and fun to play. The blobs of Night Goblins will tarpit people while the Fanatics cause some pain. The Archers should be able to cause some pain to massed infantry because that many shots should hurt anyone. The Deff Creepers are suppose to come in the back field in order to hit warmachines as well as target the enemy's rear. The squig hoppers and stone trolls are there to break the enemy on the flanks when we have closed with them. Thoughts?