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New to Fantasy 3k List

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I am looking to branch out into the fantasy realm and I drew this list up. It has models that I think have awesome fluff, look, and would be fun to play. My gaming group plays 3000 points regularly so that is what it is built for. I am going to use Cold Ones for mounts instead of Boars. Grimgor Ironhide Black Orc BSB -Shield Savage Orc Shaman (LVL 2) -War Boar -Dispel Scroll Night Goblin Shaman (LVL 2) -Channeling Staff 2x Orc Boys Mob (30) -Full Command -Shields and Extra Weapons Forest Goblin Spider Riders (10) -Short Bows -Musician and Standard Bearer 2x Night Goblin Mobs (40) -Short Bows -Musician and Standard Bearer -Fanatics (2) Black Orcs (25) -Shields -Musician and Standard Bearer Savage Orc Boar Boyz Mob (9) -Full Command -Spear and Shield -Big 'Uns Night Goblin Squig Hoppers (10) 2x Mangler Squig Arachnarok Spider -Flinger The Forest Goblin Spider Riders' job is to harass and target warmachines. Since they are suppose to move ahead of the army do you think that the unit is very vulnerable to being broken after just a few casualties?