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Recruits for the waagh - Ten more flash gitz!

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armored walker

armored walker

    Tankbusta Boy

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This is just awesome. The orange is really strong and dirty, but this time especially the gold metal bitz really impress, as gold has allways been a difficult colour for me.

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Armored walkers are Slow and Purposefull.




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Impeccably done as always. I'm a little bit surprised you kept to the army colours with models that are so clearly piratical, but that's my fluff bias showing through and I'm sure it can be explained away in short order. My favourite part is the messy execution on the orange.
What clan/affiliation do you call these guys?


I thought about trying to set them slightly apart as pirates but since I am sort of bound to the other flash gitz I did up long before the new kit was released I went with light pirate elements but similar paint scheme to the rest of the army!


My army is intended to be a combination of two klans, Bad Moons and Evil Sunz.  The fancy stuff is the Bad Moon while all the vehicles are a mad max style Evil Sun klan.


And thank you!