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Ork 2k Stompa Dread Mob List

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    Puffball Fungus

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Spearhead Detachment
Big Mek, bike, kff 101pts

Deff Dread 2xCCW, 2xSkorcha 153pts
3xKIll Kans 3 rokkits 189pts
3xKIll Kans 3 rokkits 189pts
Morkanaut, kff 374pts

Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment
Lord of War
Stompa, 3 supa-rokkit 977pts

What you guys think of a Dread Mob with a Stompa? Or would the Stompa synergies better with lots of boyz/other units?



    Warbuggy Driver

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I was tabled when I brought the stompa.  It's too many points for its damage output and surivability. (Mine didn't last a single turn).  I dropped it, and take kill krusha's instead (two cost nearly 400 points less then the stompa and have better damage output and wounds).


The main problem with the stompa, is its nearly 1000 points, yet only has 4 CC attacks, hitting on a 3+.   On top of that, the CC attacks don't do anything fancy, so if the thing you are hitting as an invuln save, they can just bounce off.  I think when you get to a titan class, we should be dealing MW's, not a flat 6 damage. 


Hopefully gets worked on when the codex comes out, but I was massively disappointed in it :(.  Two gorks will put it to shame in raw damage output.




  • Deathskullz
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Yeah, the stompa sucks and is a point sink at half the points cost. Go eith a gargantuan squiggoth. It doles out mortal wounds on the charge and has almost as many wounds and more attacks for half the points cost.
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