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Gubbinz fixa

Gubbinz fixa

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Hey I need some help with painting ideas for my night goblin army. Now the back story to them us that they live in a cave (duuur) that is located somewhere in the empires territory. Here is the catch these gobbos got tired of fighting for those orcs and decided they would fight for the empire! after a long civil war (that resulted in the death of all the orc loyalists) they pledged full support to the empire and became the city state of Gobtaviea! So i really need ideas on how to paint them and maybe do some converting. Thanks guys :biggrin



    Puffball Fungus

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Sounds like a great idea! I think if you're using Night Goblins (specifically the ones with hooded cowls) it will be difficult to make them look like some kind of Empire Mercenary without it appearing contrived.

Looking at the Ruglud's armoured Orcs, who I think are a kind of more human/organised-like orcs, perhaps you could take some elements in from there? So perhaps a standard bearer with some kind of Empire-esque heraldry, and a drummer (or there is even a great NG model with a squig-instrument, which looks like a kind of bagpipe). Perhaps another way would be to make them appear more regimented - spears and shields perhaps, with a neat heraldry on each shield.

What about using normal goblin models, but GSing some kind of leather cap or chainmail (as though they are wearing that armour?), which might make them look less gobliny? Perhaps not using the 'Ghengis Khan' style goblin heads.

Not sure I have got the right end of the stick, in terms of what you are intending to do. But, it sounds like a neat idea in any case, and a great way to make a different looking army.

I actually think the Mantic Goblins look kind of neat, they certainly look less wild. Apparently there are some similar looking archers on the way

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OMG i love them gobos! Gonna pick up some for converting I think! :D
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