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Waaagh Da elfbashers!

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Since the Blood Bowl forum is as dead as a Dodo, I cross-post my bloodbowl team here too.

If the Powers at be frown upon this, please kill the tread in the blood bowl forum.

Black orcs are made from ork nobs, linemen from ork boyz.
Blitzers from black orc torsos with 40k boyz legs.
Thrower from the loota mekboy.
They are WIP atm, boots are not begun, the skin will get a second wash of badab.

Four blitzers, four black orcs, a thrower, and a gaggle of linemen are done to this point.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Unfortunatley the contrast turned out to be a bit off, and I am not able to fix it in post processing a the moment.

But yeah, the Erennengrad Elfbashers are on the way to the field!
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I do not collect Bloodbowl, so take the following advice with a grain of salt: The Nob and Black Orc conversions look very, very good, although only two of them look like their poses couldn't just be copied over from the original models. The left Nob arm in particular is in the exact same place it would be as a Big Choppa Nob. The Ork Boy conversions to linemen just don't pop to me. Your paint job could certainly rectify this, but the models themselves are underwhelming.
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Orks even make more interesting corpses than Imperials. We're just that good.
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