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Secret Santa 2018

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    Warbike Boy

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It is from me.  Sorry for it being a bit late.  Hope that makes up for it!



    Loots from da Lootaz

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Ok today was the original deadline for gifts. I have edited the original post to reflect to who have received gifts. According to my calculations there are 3 of us still waiting. Garslag, DocNuk and myself. 
I have seen BigMek Gobsmasha posting on here are about, hopefully he/you get it sorted out. 
I will give those other gitz who are delayed until the end of the week to give a their recipient  a situation report on the gifts status.  
After that the public shaming will commence. :whip :choppa :dakka 
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Big Mek GobSmasha

Big Mek GobSmasha


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Yep, Finally beat the right postal grot and got my bitz today. Mek brain is in full swing and I should have it warped today or tommorow. Then it's at the mercy of a pond crossing...
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Badfang Brassaxe

Badfang Brassaxe


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Be interesting to see if yours beats mine to its' recipient :search