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Trukk Rush Part Deux

- - - - - trukk Battlewagon Astra Militarium

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So I had a rematch with my trukk rush against Astra Militarium. I slightly modified my list. I changed the BW with kill-kannon to have a supa-kannon instead. I dropped the stormboyz and added 20 grots, and replaced the nobz in the sqiggoth with meganobz, a painboy, and a Big Mek in MA with a KFF. So 2 BWs, 3 trukks, a sqiggoth, and grots on foot.


The AM player likes to run 10 strong guard squads across the table to deny the orks advance. I had a lot of trouble with this last time, getting stuck in the middle of the board while 3 leman Russ and assorted other tanks shot my army. 

Not a full battle report, but some highlights:

First turn I Jumped the grots to right in front of the advancing guardsmen. This allowed my trukks to advance past midtable and the boyz to get charges in. Worked just like I hoped.

The BW with supaKannon stayed back and shot the devil dogs, hydra, and chimera, ignoring the tanks. Generally took half the wounds off each turn. So 2 turns of supakannon killed a vehicle. Did not have great dice rolls, but overall was satisfied. When I used a CP to reroll, my reroll was a 1. 

The squiggoth killed 3 sentinels by itself. I then unloaded the meganobz and big mek, who killed a devil dog and took another to half wounds in one turn.


I split charged a squad of guard and his Ogryns (very nasty, S5 T5 with buffs for extra attacks). Once again Headwoppas killchoppa (the new relic) was magic. Slaughtered the Ogryns, the boyz finished the last one. I think this is a must take item.


The game ended on turn 5 with the AM having 6 VP and Orks 5 VP. My warboss, 20 boyz, Big Mek on warbike, and BW were a few inches from his deployment zone and his HQ with nothing in front of them. He got his VP because he kept drawing the same secure objective in his deployment zone that he had a tank sitting on. 

Overall my army worked much better. Last game I won on VP but was getting tabled. This was a close game, and one more turn Orks would have won. 

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