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Blood Bowl Underworld team

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  • Boyz
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This is not Fantasy Orcs & Goblins per se, but more than 50% of the team is goblins and troll so I'll try to sneak it into da trophy rack as I don't yet have permission to post in da Fungus Beer hall. Mods, feel free to move the thread elsewhere in the forum if deemed necessary.

The troll:
Posted Image

This was my first try at airbrushing Foundation paints (Astronomican Grey for the skin), it went OK as I didn't clog the airbrush (even though I tend to end up with a slightly too diluted mix). Scales were done using Light Grey Green (PA Air range), a color close to Gretchin Green (GW Foundation). I am quite proud of the skull, on which I experimented the bone color scheme of the Eavy Metal as presented in Jan 10 White Dwarf. I believe it turned out rather well.

The skavens:
Posted Image

A close-up on one of them:
Posted Image

I wanted a dark set of colors on them. The purple robes aren't as dark in real life (blame my lighting set-up), which help differentiating them from the fur. The skin was an experiment, using Tallarn Flesh as a basecoat, followed by a wetbrush of Elf Flesh, then a diluted wash (2/2/1 Devlan Mud, Pa Air thinner and water) over the flesh. A seconf alyer of wash was used in some recesses, such as the snouts.

The goblins:

Posted Image

A close-up on one of them (could have used a bit more highlights on the head):
Posted Image

The skin was done using washes over a white undercoat, followed by a white wetbrush, then applying the same wash as used for the skavens.

Comments and criticism welcome!




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The team (the troll especially) is intense. Nice job.