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I'm looking for alternative snotlings i hope i've put this on the right section but the snotlings are really expensive from gw and not cheap off ebay either was wondering if anyone knew any alternatives?



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There are two possibilities that I can think of. The first, is to see if you can get ahold of some old plastic snotlings. Every single Night Goblin sprue of the older versions had a Snotling on it, although they would all look exactly the same.

A better bet would be to look at 10mm Fantasy models. There are lots of companies that do 10mm stuff, and they tend to be much better value. One such company that I've bought off is a small company based not too far from me called Pendraken Miniatures. They have a selection of fantasy models, including goblins. They're not quite heroic scale, but they're around the right size, no uglier than the vastly outdated snotlings, and you're talking a couple of quid for 10 of that miniature.

No doubt there are other companies out there, but that's one possibility.