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Lore over gameplay?

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Badfang Brassaxe

Badfang Brassaxe


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Lore and gameplay should ideally be the same thing, Orks were the original 'can do' race, the curveball that made the GrimDark grim. It might well be that 'whatever' has been proven to be absolutely impossible, but Orks didn't get the memo. The old VDR made just about anything possible as long as you built the model - The orkiest rule GW ever came up with, even the old 'hundred bolter Rhino' would have been acceptable if all the bolters had to shoot at the same target rather than having roolz lawyers claiming that each one could target independently despite being crammed that close together that there was obviously no hope of them ever being able to move independently (and it was costed a bit more realistically). Outside of competition play, a game is always going to require the agreement of an opponent and there are all sorts of games to be played (underdog, kill the warboss/gargant/whatever, swipe the gubbinz, anything else you can dream up) so it really depends on you and your opponent - GW just provide a framework to work around.