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Any 1 still play this?

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Big Lone

Big Lone

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hey soz for a topic thats similar to others but just wandered about ur guild, i picked this game up cheap the other day of a old m8, bit of a computer freak myself and always wanted to give it a bash.. but as they say a mmo isnt a mmo unles u play witha community, so i gues the main questionsa re are u still recruiting, if so are u avaiable to uk based players? (checked through several posts idnt see answers to this not entirely sure how the game works) is there a min lvl required? what server are you on? and how do i apply / who do i get in contac wiv once im within (currently updatign atm on my weedy 1mg conenction could be few days) thanks fr ur time again sorry if this is stated in another thread did look through but brain doesnt always clikc as well as it should p.s. ill deffinatly be being greenskin if this is a bonus? screw dem weedy runty races eh?

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