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The State of Scenarios

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    Throws the bomb, not the pin.

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I think the state of destruction in the game has taken a downtown. While I like many of the game features added in the latest patch, I think the consensus is that it really hit destro hard. I don't really even play my BO anymore. Unfortunately, as a result, it's been quite demoralizing for many people. I know some which have left the server to go play order somewhere else, which of course, just makes the problem worse. I'm only hopeful that Mythic will recognize the problem before it's too late, and make the necessary changes where needed to keep the sides even. I realize that trying to maintain balance between the two sides is a constant juggling act, so sometime you just have to wait it out, and hope they don't drop everything. I know that I'm not planning on going anywhere, and will keep trying to fight the good fight, but I'm holding out hope that things will balance out eventually. Also, knowing that my main's class, the shaman, is getting reworked in the next patch is helping to keep me interested.
Eventually, most shamans end up as blobs of boiling flesh upon the floor, oozing with ectoplasm as they were overwhelmed by the energy. Their violent and sudden deaths seldom take only one life and entire mobs of greenskins can be turned to charred flesh in the blink of an eye, so goblin shamans are even feared and respected in greenskin society.



    Parasite Huntin' Squig

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Chrost!!!!! Come back the game is pretty good overall. Destro has been face owning. We will start being in Altdorf in a few days.

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