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Other ork warbands

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  • Grotz
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  • Location:San Jose
I just wanted to inquire about if there was any other orky warbands out there other than the orks and goblins warband and the Black Orks warband? I've been playing the Beastmen warband for a couple of weeks now and just bought a black orks box. They're just waiting to be converted. As a side note, maybe its just me, but I've had the worst luck in my group of friends when it comes to rolling for injury. My centaur completely died [snake eyes] after the 1st game and about the 5th-6th game both my centaur and shaman completely died. My shaman was lvl high 20's.. I almost cried. :crybaby
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  • Boyz
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  • Army Name:Ork Mob
That's the only two I know of, there's also a night goblin warband rules running around, and forest gobbo's.



    Puffball Fungus

  • Grotz
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  • Location:Allenwood, Wall Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey. America
  • Army Name:Deathwing, Order of St. Amelia, Imperial Customs
i know a guy who made a good gobo warband, its a hybrid of the old and updated ones, not bad
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    Rutted Gob Busta

  • Grotz
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  • Location:Kraków, Poland
  • Army Name:Rebel Grotz!
I know there iz a book called Nemezis Crown. You got there a Black Orc Warband for mordheim (o rather 'Ard Boy warband). I'm Playing Night Goblinz against Beastman and I won 5/7 games fo far. I've killed a Minotaur and 2 heroses, a shaman and a bestigor. Goblinz are realy great. I'm using new plastic Night Goblinz and a Troll from BFS but they're a bit converted. No to much bows (only 4, i dont like shooting, but the only good advance for my bosses are shooting skilz). Squigz do a great job. Troll is extra heavy and he last a charger od shaman with frenzy (3 attacks), gore (1 attack) and centigor (3 attaks) and he did get 1 wound, then he gone stupid, and then he killed centigor. My shaman has a Clubba spell and 2 attacks! boss is armoerd with shield and sword and light armour. He get an eye wound after first battle so no longer uses a bow.