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Alternative planes?

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    Big Mek

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Look what I stumbled upon : aircraft from 3.5mm to 4.6 mms.

Now I have an internet buddy who bought a bunch, and he's sending me over one of each, so I can give yaz some more detailed feedback :


Definately suited for Orkyfication :yes
Roight, any questions?
Too bad!
It be time to WAAAGH!

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Funny you should mention these...

There's a thread on Warseer about Ork Fliers using Trumpeter 1/350 plains as well, he used mainly Mitchells but a few other bits, from the looks of it, the Helldiver. I've ordered from an Aussie company a box each of Helldivers, Mitchells, and two others that are slipping my mind at the moment, total cost for 24 planes is $18 if the website quote is accurate. They havn't got around to emailing me an invoice yet though.




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im not sure of the scale but have you looked at the crimson skies minis??

http://www.connectst...a/sp_16722.html (ral partha minis store)
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Love the prices for the models. Tho, are there any that size for the F4U Corsair?
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Harkon Greywolf

Harkon Greywolf

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These planes work great as you can see in my Air Waagh thread.

If anyone's interested?


D'oh! Threadomancy! Sorry.
I read the date as 2009 not 2007!
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