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750 CAD for Tourney

- - - - - 750 points CAD tournament

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Hey there, I took part in a tournament this year but used my other army as i was just starting my Orks, I am having loads of fun with them and I'm wanting to use them in the tourney next year so I have until march to build the army. Anything in the codex is a go for me (as long as I can build and pain it in time). there are some rules that the list needs to follow.

  • Needs to be a CAD
  • Max 4 Troop Choices
  • Max 1 of each of the following HQ, Elite, Heavy Support, Fast attack 
  • No LOW
  • No Forge world
  • No 1 unit can add up to more than 250 pts including transport (rules out a gorkanaut with grot riggers :(   )

What I'm thinking about so far towards this is [474 pts] 


HQ: Boss Zagstruk [65 pts]

Troops x2: 11 sluga Boyz, 1 nob Big Choppa + BP in Trukk with Boarding Planks [274 pts]

FA: 15 Storm boyz [135 pts]


I'm looking for suggestions of what to add or change to take this up to a semi competitive 750 points list sticking with the rules outlined.


All help is much appreciated thanks in advance guys :)

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