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Welcome to Tekneeks an' Know-wots!

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Some time ago, we created the Trophy Rack as a specialized forum for people to show off their completed work that had been in development in either the Mek's Garage or the Gobbo's Forge. More recently, there has been a rising demand for a place to act as a repository or a discussion point for various tips and tricks in modelling the boyz. While the Mek's Garage has always had elements of this, creating a forum that is dedicated only to techniques would greatly benefit the Waaagh forums as a whole.

So here it is. The Tekneeks an' Know-wots forum is for either sharing your latests tricks or methods for building or painting models, or for asking questions on how to achieve a particular effect. There are a few basic guidelines:

  • This forum is for sharing techniques, not to display your latest work. The Mek's Garage is for works in progress. If your latest work is able to demonstrate the technique, then by all means post it here, but focus attention on how you achieved that result. Keep general WiP threads in the Garage or the Forge.
  • This forum is not limited to 40K topics. Fantasy is equally welcome. Additionally, this is the one place outside of the Fungus Beer House where non-Ork models will be tolerated. Even non-GW models can be used.
  • Expanding on the above point, techniques demonstrated should be obviously translatable to Ork subjects. While you may have a great technique to show off damaged panzee Wraithbone, that may not be the best topic to present, unless of course, you can present a good reason why this would look good with Ork models.
  • There are already a number of technique-based topics in the Mek's Garage. We will endeavor to bring those topics into this forum, and we are open to suggestions as to which ones to bring over. Use the "Report a Post" button on a given topic, and give reasons why it would be best as a technique thread.

So there it is. Have at it ladz! Let's see what you've got!
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Holy :bleep , this section is awesome idea! I've made few sculpting tutorials (tho in Polish and about nids :P) so You may throw some stuff here. And yes Mr. Moderator, You may delete this post. [edit] Hey, I've put few tuts here too! I'll make list and send it through PM...



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Wow, I'm just now noticing this section. Been busy of late. But awesome idea! I'll be sure to make some of my own contributions to this portion of the Waaagh! Thanks HQ! Great idea!
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