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is my army good

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da noob

da noob


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warboss with mega armour power klaw and da lucky stikk

big mek with a power klaw and killsaw and mega armour and kustum force field and da fixer uper

mad dok grotsnik




6 units of 10 boyz in tukks with boss nobs with power klaws




5 meganobz with killsaws dedicated transpord is a battelwagon with 4 rokkit launchas and grot rigers


heavy support


3 skwads of 3 mek gunz(max gretchin) 6 with kustom mega canons and three traktor canon


run in a ork horde detachment





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Your army looks good so far, quick question though.

Why have you posted in the warhammer fantasy/Age of sigmar section of the Forum when this needs to be in the 40k section?


you needs to post it here


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