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Waaagh da Freak'd out Skullz - army log

- - - - - Army Blog painting tutorials WIP Deathskulls Blue Oh so blue!

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Madda Mek

Madda Mek

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Got wrekkd...
Den got MEKK'D!
My old account got removed by spamgrots, so I'll have to start from spore one...
I'm re-uploading content from last topic, whole conversation here

Topic name: Deff Skullz ain't Deff yet!
....but I really wish I was lolz.
Back in hobby, I decided to repaint EVERYTHING I have. Here is recipe for paint stripping (and possibility of degloving with nasty chemicals) I used.
So far I've assembled from bits I have:
Choppa. 9x8 Slugga Boyz (I have few bodies so I should be able to build whole 80 of them, for 10 squads), I intend to run them in squads of 10 (8 + Nob and BS) for maximum Klaw and Kombiskorcha. So that's 10 Nobs to build, I have 5 from Nob boxed set + few AoBR ones.
Dakka. 2x9 Shootas (20 with 2 RLs, no Nob here), almost 8 Big Shootas (should have enough bits to make 10+ for use with Sluggers) and 5 RLs (I may have one more but can't find it?). I hope to get 30-40 Shootas (36+4RLs) total.
Test Kommandos models. I plan to get more Runtherd bodies so I would have "naked" Orks. 3 or 4 units of 5 (with 2 Burnas and Klaw Nob) since I have 7 Burnas (may as well scratchbuild one). Still have 70+ sets of slugga/choppa arms, need to build Stormboyz or more Boyz.
This is one of my Lootas (have 11 of them built). I plan to give my Tankbustaz similar type of Rokkit tubes that this one have. I have 17 spare sluggas chopped from arms or otherwise damaged, so I'll use them as base (I'm terrible at sculpting hands, tho I should manage sculpting arms in long sleeves) so I also should hit that magical 4 squads of 5.
Finally, no WAAAAAAAGH is complete without Warbosses. In addition to 2 metal bosses and Mega Ghazkull I have this guy. Not sure what material he is made of or even if it is production model or 3D prototype (got it as a gift from person doing STL printing) but I've pre-shaded it during summer and touched it gently with red candy paint. You can see it isn't straight black-white shading (rather dark turqoise to yellowish-white), I intend to go similar with rest of army.
Uff. Still have a lot of buggies, Warbikes and Killakanz, also 30 Grots and enough bits to build whole gun batteries.


Minor updates:
*I'm making cork desert bases, so every Ork will get pinned (at least on one foot) - there is just no way they won't tear off if I don't. That also mean I probably will paint bases separate. I figured out one side is more "rocky" while other looks like concrete/asphalt, so I'll mix and match both. Also some models have damaged feet, so I may drown them in oily black goop. ALSO I plan some bases with rusted metal planks and Orky machinery, probably for Grots since they are so small.
***I estimated I need 100 bases for Slugga Boyz (and attached Nobz and Big Shootas), 20-40 for Shootas (so far I have 20, but I also have bits), 30 for grots, 40-50 for assorted specialists (plus re-base 10 Lootas). So, that's up to 220 bases. Just for Orks (I also have Nids, Dark Angels and GSC/AM). I think I have serious problem lolz.
*That also mean bikes and like will get road bases.
*I've build detachable Rokkit packs for Stormboyz in past, so I may go and build some, and then magnetize them on regular Boyz (2 points upgrade woot?!)
*That Warboss, gotta get more info and also provide better photos. I'll try to gently remove paint via rubbing alcohol bath too.
***Found extra 10 stormboyz and 15 Black Reach Nobz, swimmin' in paint stripper.


Bits and pieces still arrive via mail I'll need to wait for next week for last one... for now. Then it's cleaning time again.
I may be able to squeeze few more shootas from bits, so it would be 10x10 choppas (with PK Nob and BS Boy) and 2x20 Shootas (may actually add Nobs but most definitely give them some RLs)
Meanwhile I did some base work:
Glued cork on 20 bases. 200 more to go :lol
Baggie of glycerine preserved and dyed lichen.
I've used terraintutor's tutorial for mixture, but I've soaked (and dried) lichen stems few times instead of just dipping it for days, so it took me few hours. It works for lichen, apparently :!
plants aren't glued to the bases yet, I'll do it after painting but before sealing them and adding models. I still need to add rocks, skulls, bits of ork equipment...
Glued 72 metal washers (30mm diameter, should be good enough as 32 stand-ins) on plastic sheet and cut them, as "marble" bases for my Dark Angels (so far I need 40, but may as well do more in one batch). I plan to build Deathwing mixed with Greenwing (RIP AND TEAR), maybe some Ravenwing in far future.
Still need to fill some gaps and sand it all, also need to decide how I paint them - I think I'll go with white/beige marble for regular Dark Angels (cuz they're dark, yo) and black/turquoise bases for Deathwing, for contrast
I have all WIP shots for both, tutorials would be done somewehere in 2018. Proppa nuu year!!


I'm European, You get a lot of cool stuff we don't get or have to import at ridiculous prices :crybaby
And You are correct about NaOH being dangerous, I'm familiar with handling chemicals and still got minor chemical burns (along with dead-white fingernails, tho it got normal again after an hour or so) when I've spilled some of stuff on hands. Should wear gloves, duh.
Anyway, minor update on bases front (I'm doing a lot of them for Noo Year challenge)
Top row, from left to right:

  • A tub of lichen (I got second one too). It's different species I posted in previous update, will try to get more of other one tomorrow. It seems like a lot, but about 80% of whole mass is composed of dirt, roots and dead parts. Also it is soaked in water and expands like sponge.
  • Plastic pipes from cotton swabs, been cutting off cotton ends and putting them in little bag, over few weeks I've collected quite a lot of them.
  • Pot of leftovers from glycerine bath used to dye/preserve lichen.
  • Preserved lichen, one used in previous update. Looks cool, dosen't dry out or fade, even when put on radiator. Tutorial soon.
Bottom row:
  • 60 "cracked earth" bases. I aim at 140, so I'm almost at half, tho I still need to attach rocks and small bits like Ork and 'ooman skulls etc. also 40 of similar "cracked rock" bases.
  • Three tubs with "marble" bases: top one with 60x 25mm bases, middle one with 90x 32mm bases, bottom one with 45x 40mm bases. Those will be for Deathwing army I'm building (I have extras), with exception of 45x 25mm bases that will be for Gretchins (I plan rubble/metal deck theme).
  • Still need to cut 60mm bases (I plan at least 6 for Dreadnoughts and about 10-15 with slot for 25mm base model for heavy weapons team)
I've also build magnetic paint stand from juice bottle and strong round magnet (metal washer attached on top is not part of stand), I can fill it with sand to provide more stability. Should prove useful since majority of bases are either metals washers with plastic glued on top or may be weighted with nuts/small washers.


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Madda Mek

Madda Mek

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Today update: nothing much!


I'm still with what I had during last update, tho I was wandering about painting my Orks. I like green, but I thought about more unique approach. Enter: blue(ish) Orks!



I like this paint scheme for turquoise Ork skin
Source: http://razzaminipain...m-tutorial.html


Not bad, not bad. Tho I was thinking about something more green (and applicable to ~200 models). Here is my test cabbage! (it's rosebud bead, actually. Plan to use them and some other beads as desert stonecrop/artichoke plant)



Sadly my camera didn't catched fleshy highlight, but it's more pronounced IRL.


Color Key:

Base coat: Sybarite Green -> Highlight: Ogryn camo -> (Heavy) wash: Warpstone glow + lahmian medium or some other green wash

I had to approximate new GW range, sorry.


For larger models I thin I'll go with some sort of blue dazzle camo

Also thought about suitable models for Kommandos, may go with box of Orruk Savages and 40k weapons.


Example of Orruk tankbustaz
Source: http://maniakminis.tumblr.com/

Source: https://www.dakkadak...k Wildboyz.html

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Madda Mek

Madda Mek

    Warbike Nob

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Tried painting marble with sponge, results are pretty good IMHO. This is 32mm base.




Started with white, followed by darkest brown and then worked my way down with lighter and lighter color. Not bad effect.



Sponge I used (new one), it has irregular structure


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Badfang Brassaxe

Badfang Brassaxe


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Interesting effect, the longer you look at it the more shapes you see in it (orks' head at half way up the 2 o'clock line, graffiti on the 4 o'clock etc.) proppa random :thumbs

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Mik McMok the Mek

Mik McMok the Mek

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awesome. i use 30mm metal washers myself 

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